Mittwoch, 3. Oktober 2012

SAP Note 1600482 - Deaktivierung Hierarchischer Zugriffe in der Preisfindung

Für alle SAP Kunden die einen Hierarchischen Zugriff in der Preisfindung verwenden (und das tun die meisten) lesen Sie dringend den HW
Nach dem einspielen vom EHP6 - Stack 4 funktioniert die Preisfindung nicht mehr!

Hier noch ein Auszug aus dem Hinweis:

IMPORTANT:  This and the related SAP Notes implement a change to the functionality of the hierarchical access feature for use in pricing and pricing-related functionality.  Because of a court order in a patent litigation involving SAP, application of these changes is mandatory for all U.S. customers, all customers with U.S. installations, and all customers with U.S. users.  These changes are already included in Business Suite 2011 and in SP26 of the SAP AP 7.00 software component.

As detailed below, customers who do not use hierarchical access for pricing or pricing-related usages will not be affected by the application of this SAP Note.  Nevertheless, if you are not using hierarchical access functionality in pricing or pricing-related functionalities and are not planning to use it, application of this Note is still mandatory.  No further action beyond the application of this Note is necessary, as application of this Note will not affect your use of the SAP solution.

If you are not sure whether you are using this specific functionality, we strongly recommend that you run the check report included in the related SAP Notes 1600090 and 1601021.  The check reports allow you to easily check whether this specific pricing functionality is being used in your system(s).

Please read the following information carefully before applying these SAP Notes.

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  1. Please note that there is also a website and an email address to help with any questions you may have. Q&A information can be found at SAP Service Marketplace: Additional questions should be directed to

  2. Hi Guys,

    does anybody know what patent litigation it is. Is it the SAP vs. Oracle story?

    Leroy F.

  3. Hello Guys

    nice to see that SAP reduces the functionality and increases the support fees at the same time.... congratulation for this 'customer-orientation'


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